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Estate Management Planning

We create Estate Management Plans for individuals and families. Having an Estate Management Plan serves as a course of action and gives direction to your executor and family members after someone has passed away. Creating an Estate Management Plan protects your executor and family from wasted time, money and undue stress. An Estate Management Plan contains details regarding personal information that will enable your executor and family to efficiently and effectively manage your estate.

Legal/Medical/Financial/Personal Directives

By acting as the liaison, we assist families in acquiring the directives needed from legal counsel. Some of the legal directives needed are (i) a Will, (ii) a Living Will, (iii) a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and (iv) a Durable Power of Attorney for Finances. We assist families in creating Personal Directives. A Personal Directive helps the family of the deceased by providing the immediate needed information following a death. In order for your legal, medical, financial and personal wishes to be honored, directives will be needed.

Assisted Living/Nursing Home/Hospice Care Planning

We help the elderly, infirmed and families make educated decisions regarding long-term care facilities. We will discuss your goals and do the necessary research of facilities in your area. We will interview the facilities and present you with a detailed report. We also will accompany the elderly, infirmed or family to tour a particular facility or facilities they are interested in and interview that facility together.