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Life Tribute Celebrations

We consult with families and friends in order to create new yearly traditions and new memories. We help families and friends celebrate, remember and honor the life of a loved one. We plan reunions and events. We organize activities and create remembrance packages. We plan events and celebrations on specific days and during specific times that have special meaning to the families and friends.

Remembrance Packages

We consult with families and friends on how to create remembrance packages and personalized keepsakes of their loved ones. You may want to remember your loved one by wearing a piece of jewelry or clothing. You may want to remember your loved one by taking photographs and turning them into a life history book, a calendar or a DVD. We consult with families regarding funeral remembrances. Families may want those attending the funeral to have a remembrance of their loved one.

Personal Letters

We help individuals create personalized letters to their parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren, friends, former teachers/coaches, etc. You can change someone's life by letting them know the impact they made on your life. Let people know that the acts they did helped, encouraged and strengthened you. Let people know the joy they bring or brought to your life. Let people know how much you love, value and/or appreciate them.

Thank You Notes

We help individuals and families write and distribute Thank You Notes. Prayers will have been prayed, words of encouragement will have been spoken, gifts will have been given. Meals will have been brought, kids will have been taken care of, houses will have been cleaned. Monetary collections will have been taken, charitable donations will have been made, health care professionals will have provided invaluable services. You can acknowledge the kindness of people by sending heartfelt Thank You Notes.