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Funeral Initiatives

Funeral Announcements

We convey the necessary funeral details to the appropriate people and organizations. When a death occurs, you will need to contact family members, business colleagues, professional associations/organizations, church/synagogue groups, various doctors, your "social media community", and the various clubs where the decedent had a membership. While not everyone will be able to attend the funeral, many people will want to show you that they care. Questions will be asked. Answers will need to be given. Help will be offered. Information will be given. Contributions will be made. Notes will need to be taken. Details will need attention. Follow up will be needed. We provide the necessary follow up services with respect to the funeral announcements.

Obituary Preparation and Publication

We guide individuals and families in the preparation and publication of obituaries. We will gather information from family and friends, prepare, edit and proofread obituaries as well as submit them for publication. We offer consultation services on writing personal obituaries and on where to have it published.

Day-Of Funeral Coordination

We provide Day-Of Funeral Coordinator Services. We act as the family's liaison and facilitate the funeral. We make sure that directions are given, questions are answered and timelines are followed. We make sure that any items that are left behind are returned to their owner. We make sure that all funeral gifts are kept safe and given to the family. We handle unpredictable situations. We take care of all the logistical details of the funeral.