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Executor Assistance

Estate Management

We assist executors in fulfilling their duties by managing the voluminous details that are necessary to close out an estate. Phone calls will need to be made. Forms will need to be filled out. Letters will need to be sent. Paperwork will require attention. Executors will need to gather all of the legal, medical, financial and personal documentation of the deceased. Executors will need to interact regularly with a wide variety of people for an extended period of time. Some of the people that executors will need to interact with will be family members, lawyers, accountants, bankers, county clerks, real estate professionals, contractors, appraisers, estate sale professionals, cleaning services, newspapers, employers, retirement and pension fund organizations, insurance companies, Social Security, the IRS, etc. Our role is guiding and assisting executors through this process.

Executor/Family Liaison

We assist executors and families by acting as a liaison and/or intermediary. Families may have a strong need for a neutral person to help them resolve personal and/or confidential matters. We negotiate with the multitude of people executors and families need assistance from within the Elder Care and Funeral Industries. We help executors and families understand the options that are available to them with respect to (i) elder care planning, (ii) funeral arrangements, (iii) closing out estates; and (iv) preparing Estate Management Plans.

Arrangements for the Deceased

We arrange for a deceased's remains to be transported locally or to another state. We arrange for a deceased's belongings to be appraised, sold, packed, moved, shipped, stored, returned and/or donated. We arrange for the transfer and housing of pets of the deceased.