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About the Company

The Executor's Assistant Plus, LLC is the cornerstone of the Estate Management Industry! We are an Estate Management Consulting Firm specializing in end of life planning. We provide executive and personal assistant services to executors and their families before, during and after a death.

With our lives becoming busier by the day, time is a precious commodity. There is no escaping the fact that taking on the role of Executor adds more working hours to your day. Most people are ill-prepared when a death occurs. There are feelings and emotions of being overwhelmed. There is uncertainty of not knowing who to call, where to start or what to do.

In life, we all have a tremendous amount of "stuff" going on. So, when a death occurs, there are an extensive amount of details and responsibilities that will require attention. Decisions need to be made within a very short period of time. Most people are ill-equipped with having to make irreversible, important, permanent decisions during the most grievous time in their lives. Lack of knowledge, minimal or no planning, being unprepared and under extreme emotional distress, often results in paying the high price of mental anguish, physical illness and an unwelcome hefty financial burden.

The Executor's Assistant Plus, LLC wants to help you understand your options, give you peace of mind, save you time, save you money, and meet your objectives. Our goal is for you to be confident in making all of your pre-planning, immediate need and/or post funeral arrangements.

Settling an estate is a time consuming process. It usually takes a minimum of 12-18 months. By providing the guidance, executive and personal assistance needed, our goals are to help you: (i) make knowledgeable, wise, educated decisions; (ii) handle your duties as an executor with confidence and ease; (iii) be relieved from a great deal of stress, anxiety and lack of peace; (iv) have the freedom to experience the much needed grieving, mourning and healing process; (v) achieve the hopes and desires of the elderly, infirmed, deceased and their families; and (vi) create your personal Estate Management Plan.

The Executor's Assistant Plus, LLC is like a tree with many branches. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Estate Management
  • Executor/Family Liaison
  • Elder Guidance
  • Assisted Living/Nursing Home/Hospice Care Planning
  • Moving Arrangements for the Elderly or Infirmed
  • Transfer of Personal Effects for the Elderly or Infirmed
  • Arrangements for the Deceased
  • Legal/Medical/Financial/Personal Directives
  • Estate Management Planning

  • Funeral Consulting/Planning/Negotiation
  • Day-Of Funeral Coordination
  • Personal Letters/Thank You Notes
  • Funeral Announcements
  • Obituary Preparation and Publication
  • Theme and Unconventional Funerals
  • Celebration of Life Memorials
  • Life Tribute Celebrations
  • Remembrance Packages

The Executor's Assistant Plus, LLC wants to help families be prepared for when an end of life event occurs. We want families to be encouraged and strengthened by the pre-planning choices that were made, so that when an end of life event occurs, the experience will be a smooth and peaceful one.

Because There Is More To An Estate Than A Will, The Executor's Assistant Plus, LLC is your most valuable asset with respect to getting your affairs organized before, during and after a death. We are committed to serving you and your family with excellence, integrity and compassion.