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Having an Estate Management Plan is an indispensable document that will give guidance and direction to your family and executor.  The decisions you make now will affect your family and executor later.  The best time to create an Estate Management Plan is now.  No matter what age you are, this is a living document that grows with you.  We want you to be able to take your time and make wise, thoughtful, educated decisions.  We want you to have a strategy in place.  By pre-planning, we can save families time, money and stress.  You can give your family and executor the gift of no stress, no confusion and no financial difficulty.  You will have no regrets and peace of mind.  Plan now and be prepared for later.


If you or a family member have health issues and time is of the essence, creating an Estate Management Plan is the best thing you can do for you, your family and your executor.  You can save your family and executor from having to make difficult decisions during an emotional time.  You can prevent them from getting overwhelmed.  We will help the executor fully comprehend his/her primary role.  We will help you plan and budget.  We will guide you through the end of life and estate management process.


A death in and of itself is overwhelming.  Having to plan a funeral and take care of the details of a loved one's estate is an extremely emotional process.  When someone passes away, the responsibilities of closing an estate are taken care of by the decedent's family and the executor.  This is a time consuming process.  We do not want you to have to make emotional, reactive decisions alone that later you may regret.  We assist families and executors in funeral planning and closing out estates.  We will consult with you, answer your questions and guide you through the decisions that need to be made.